Abandon / Seal Well

WELL ABANDONMENT - also known as sealing or capping
The Minnesota Department Of Health (MDH) statute 4725 states not-in-use wells must be made operable, sealed, or granted a variance, before a property is sold. MN statutes 103I.301 states the “property owner” is responsible for sealing any unused well(s).

Not-in-use wells must be sealed by an MDH approved, licensed contractor. The contractor must document and file the well sealing record with MDH.

Even though a well may have been properly sealed, if there is no proof or document on file with MDH, they require removal of the existing sealing material from the well; then resealing and documenting it with them. A possible alternate is to get a variance from MDH, which has an annual fee. In 2015 the fee was $75.00/year.

Go to http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/eh/wells/ruleshandbook/ for specific details, or in your internet search bar, type in MN Dept Of Health well statutes. When your options appear, choose Rules Handbook – EH: Minnesota Department of Health.

What is the cost to abandon (also known as sealing or capping) a well?

Prices vary, primarily based on well depth, well diameter and ease of access. A larger diameter well and/or deeper well will require more time and sealing material. A well that can be accessed with a hoist truck (so the hoist can be used to remove the equipment from the well) is less expensive than a well that requires manual (hand pulling) removal of the equipment from the well.
Well abandonment can cost anywhere from $500 to $4,000 or more, dependent upon circumstances. For an estimate, please call us at 763-479-2272. We are happy to help you, in person or via email.

Pictures are worth a thousand words. You don't always need a well contractor to visit your site to get a well sealing estimate. You can take pictures and email them. Our email address is tlswellco@frontiernet.net. Please be sure to include the property address and your contact information. Following are the pictures we need to give you an estimate.
  1. Location of the well. Is it in the yard, a pit, or basement offset? 
  2. Take a picture, as if you were standing on top of the well, looking down onto it. 
  3. Kneel down and take a side view picture of the well. 
  4. Step back and take a general picture of the well and surrounding area. 
  5. Is there anything that prevents TL Stevens Well Company from backing up to the well with our hoist truck? (fence, flower garden, trees, retaining wall, electrical lines, deck). 
  6. Standing in your driveway or main road, take a picture of the well location. This helps us determine our access route. 
  7. If your well is in a basement offset, we need additional pictures. (A basement offset is a small room that is approx. 5' x 5'. It is not part of your basement, but is built outside of your basement wall and accessed from your basement.) Pictures needed are: 
    1. Is there a glass block in your sidewalk or front step? The glass block should be located directly above the well. Take a picture of where it is or was. 
    2. Does the roof overhang (soffit) of your house extend out over the glass block? If it does, we can't use the hoist truck to pull the well equipment, which means the equipment has to be hand pulled. Take a side view picture of the overhang in relationship to the glass block location.
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